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Our experienced propane buyers, with 47 years of propane industry experience, can secure a low propane price through proven negotiation skills. Simultaneously, our expertise enables us to uphold stringent safety standards by scrutinizing supplier practices and contracts. This dual capability ensures you not only benefit from cost-effectiveness but also maintain a commitment to safety, creating a well-rounded and reliable propane service. The combination of negotiating skills and safety knowledge sets us above the rest delivering the most value to you.

Delivery frequency

We work with you and the supplier to ensure you have the correct delivery pattern to avoid an out of gas situation.

pricing options

We negotiate multiple pricing options over a public posting to ensure accurate pricing.


We ensure your chosen propane supplier operates in a manner that meets OSHA and NFPA standards.


We can provide you with propane safety training materials for your employees.

on-site training

We offer on-site employee training and inspections.



Our propane buyers with extensive industry experience can effectively negotiate better prices for you through a deep understanding of market dynamics and supplier relationships. Leveraging years of insight, we can strategically time purchases, capitalize on market trends, and secure competitive rates. Our established connections within the propane industry also empower us to negotiate exclusive deals, ultimately providing you with cost-saving advantages and ensuring optimal value for your propane purchases.  Let our industry experience work for you.


added value

Protect your business

Protecting your business and your most imprtant asset, your employees, starts with you.  Let us give you that piece of mind!

save money and reduce risk

We not only help you save money by negotiating lower propane margins but by reducing your chances of OSHA regulatory penalties and safety incidents that often increase insurance premiums.

don't fear OSHA

Our Safely Handling Propane Training program ensures your Managers and employees understand  how to handle propane, reducing the risks of costly incidents.

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Discover the benefits of cost-effective propane solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s discuss how our experienced propane buyers can save you money and enhance safety. Reach out for a consultation today and experience the advantage of expert propane procurement.

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